CES 2020 LogoCES 2020 may be over but the impact of the jaw-dropping technology on display will reverberate throughout the consumer tech universe — at least until CES 2021. Hopefully you visited the Analog Devices booth and witnessed our leadership status in breakthrough technologies — from connecting the world to 5G and powering electric vehicles, to creating immersive home entertainment experiences, and saving lives with digital healthcare. See below for a quick recap of some of our demo videos from the show.

See the latest technologies showcased by Analog Devices at CES 2020!

View our Automotive Demos

ADI Imaging Radar Point Cloud on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier?

ADI is renowned for taking on engineering’s toughest challenges head on. Case in point: Fusion platforms are limited to non-imaging radar, which impacts highly automated and autonomous driving. View this demo and learn how ADI utilizes imaging radar raw data to be centrally processed on a Nvidia DRIVE Fusion Platform.

Intelligent In-Cabin Sensing for Enhanced Safety and Personalized Comfort for New UX

The majority of auto accidents today are due to driver fatigue, drowsiness and distraction. View this video of our interactive demo and see for yourself how ADI’s in-cabin sensor technologies for Driver Monitoring System monitor a driver's state of health, readiness and attentiveness — all to help eliminate the human factor in accidents and experience an all new, situation dependent and personalized driving experience.

High Power A2B Enables Emerging In-Cabin Audio & Voice Applications

With emerging applications such as Personal Audio Zones and In-Car Communications driving connectivity requirements to new highs, automotive OEMs struggle to manage the associated weight and complexity of wiring harnesses. View this demo and learn how the A2B technology solves this problem by significantly increasing the power delivered over the A2B bus eliminating the need for local power/ground connections and further reducing wiring costs in an expanding set of applications.

Powering the Future EV

Up to 40% of the price of an electric vehicle (EV) involves its battery. With this degree of cost commitment, it makes sense that manufacturers place the highest level of importance on the quality of its battery management solution (BMS). This powerful video showcases how ADI’s solution provides industry-leading measurement accuracy, synchronous command execution and high-speed update rates, resulting in the highest quality battery range, life & reliability.

Multichannel Flash LIDAR Signal Processor (LSP)

It just makes sense: the capability to perceive objects in a dynamic environment is one of the primary concerns for autonomous applications. This video showcases how ADI’s Multichannel Flash LIDAR Signal Processor performs in both an extended range and wide field of view obstacle detection system. The system can also be reconfigured to do a higher resolution scan for object identification in various autonomous implementations including warehouse robotics, delivery robots, and unmanned air, land, and sea vehicles.

The Race to Autonomy: Enabling Trusted Navigation and Reliable Perception

Learn more about ADI’s advanced sensor technologies, including Inertial Measurement Units and LIDAR, supporting critical aspects of navigation and perception as well as real-time condition monitoring of infrastructure in this live video from the show floor.

View Our Power Demos

Automotive USB-C Power Delivery Buck-Boost Converters

More devices in cars — phones, tablets, computers— means the automotive market needs to adapt its power delivery from the standard USB Power Delivery to Type C connectors (higher voltage and more current) to charge all these devices. View this video of a car console with the Type C connectors and see for yourself the powerful difference.

View Our Healthcare Demos

Vital Sign Monitoring Solution for Digital Health

Vital Sign Monitoring (VSM) plays a critical part of the rapidly expanding digital healthcare platform — across athlete training, exercise/fitness tracking, smart watches, chronic disease management, senior assisted living, and in-hospital patient monitoring. This intriguing VSM watch demo incorporates ADI’s latest sensor suite solution with benefits in low power, high SNR, multi-parameter capability along with algorithms to provide clinically-relevant parameters including heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and more.

View Our Consumer Demos

Consumer Healthcare Monitoring Solution Enabled by ADI’s ToF Technology

ArrowBaby monitors are standard equipment for new parents these days, but sometimes they can be tricky. This baby monitor demo video highlights ADI’s time of flight technology — capable of detecting a baby’s breathing pattern and other small movements — while leveraging the Arrow ToF eval kit to show how it accelerates product development for even the most unique use cases. Arrow, ADI, Motorola and CUHK teamed up to deliver this innovative solution.

Cost Optimized Sound Bar Reference Design Using ADSP-21569

You spoke, and ADI heard you, loud and clear! We’re proud to demo the ADSP-21569, which has been officially certified for decoding Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content using a single-core digital signal processor. This simplifies software development and will potentially allow our consumer-market customers to offer Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio decoding in more of their products.

Better Together: Dante + AES67 on ADSP-SC584

What was once mainly a Pro Audio application is now rapidly becoming available in the consumer home audio market: two Audio over IP protocols, Dante and AES67. This captivating demo highlighted ADI’s integrated solution where customers can have this protocol running on ARM core while the audio processing is done on the SHARC cores.

MeasureWare: Precision Measurements Made Simple

Looking for a measurement solution that’s easy to set up and doesn’t require you to configure hardware or write firmware just to get started? MeasureWare is your answer. This video of our interactive, hands-on demo highlights the flexibility, ease-of-use, and complete ecosystem provided by MeasureWare. Enabling you to get a custom measurement solution in a few easy steps, with measurement kits and intuitive software tools.

Noise Suppression for Home Appliances using SigmaDSP?

You hear that? Blenders and vacuum cleaners and toaster ovens, oh my! Many consumers are just plain annoyed by their noisy home appliances — and would be willing to pay more for home appliances with noise suppression features. See (and hear) for yourself in this enlightening video how noise cancellation software running in our SigmaDSP® products can add peace and quiet to an otherwise noisy household.

Hey ADI! Voice UI using ADAU1472 and ADSP-SC584

Voice-User Interfaces (VUI) are everywhere these days: automobiles, computers, phones, home entertainment, kitchen appliances, etc. See how ADI is leveraging our technical expertise to lead the next wave of smart devices in this compelling demo showing Voice UI on ADSP-SC584 and new processor ADAU1472.

Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) using Time of Flight (ToF) Technology

Factories of today are already using technology of tomorrow. Watch this video and witness ToF technology as an AGV guides itself around an enclosed area, avoiding various obstacles and picking up designated objects. This technology eliminates the need for larger, more expensive depth detection modules like dual cameras and rotating LIDAR units.

Audio Decode with FreeRTOS

Consumer manufacturers have been asking and now ADI delivers: decoding immersive audio while running FreeRTOS. ADI has been aggressively working toward decoding every track on the 2018 Dolby Atmos demo disc and 2018 DTS:X demo disc.

Shhhhh! ADAU1787 and ADAU1788 for Active Noise Cancellation

In a noisy world, ADI is helping to quiet things down. ADI’s new fully-programmable active noise cancellation chips have the lowest input-to-output latency in the world and lowest power of operation.

View our 5G Demos

Test, Build & Harness the 5G Future

Experience how ADI delivers breakthrough technology across all 3 critical phases of 5G implementation: testing, building network infrastructure and harnessing its power in market applications. See how this interactive infographic of a smart city lets attendees select different 5G-relevant areas including cell towers, test equipment, and connected applications, to see ADI’s impact in real-world context.