Environmental Sustainability

ADI and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and the health & safety of fellow employees, customers, and the public.

Protecting the environment, as well as ensuring the health & safety of employees, customers, and the public, are commitments ADI make as a “living company”.

ADI is committed to minimizing its environmental impacts and has established a five-year planning horizon for its environmental performance objectives which are updated annually, quarterly at the corporate level, and monthly at the site level. These objectives are further enforced through a commitment by Senior level management to allocate the resources when needed to stay on plan.

Commitment to Management Systems and Structure

ADI’s manufacturing sites are certified to ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 (current transition to ISO 45001 is in progress) standards, which are internationally recognized frameworks that ensure ADI’s Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) are functioning to meet internal and external compliance obligations and reduce risk.

The EHS Director, who reports to the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Global Operations and Technology, is responsible for compliance with applicable EHS legal requirements. EHS Management meets regularly with ADI’s in-house counsel and with external counsel, advisors, and financial personnel to discuss potential environmental risks (including those related to climate change) and possible impacts to ADI.

Environmental Goals

ADI strives to minimize its impacts to the environment by monitoring and conserving the resources (energy, water, and materials) it uses in its production operations and by operating in a manner designed to conserve and lower its discharges and emissions.

Utilizing a five-year planning horizon to establish environmental performance objectives, ADI stays on track through annual updates as well as a quarterly corporate and monthly site level reviews. We started in 2006 and set a target for 10% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste volume, and electricity by 2010. We followed that by setting as a goal a further half-life reduction (5%) of those metrics by 2015. We set another half-life reduction (2.5%) target for 2020 relative to our 2015 baseline. In 2018, we recalculated our environmental data to reflect those from our acquisition of Linear Technology Corporation (LTC). The data presented in the environmental pages cover all of our manufacturing sites.

2020 Environmental Goals

Environmental Compliance at ADI and Beyond

ADI is committed to the exemplary environmental performance of our products and operations. Towards that end, each of our operating facilities maintains a regulatory register and has programs to monitor and evaluate our EHS compliance status. Our regulatory compliance management system is audited internally and externally by an independent third party, and our facilities are inspected by government agencies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Employees receive EHS training and participate in prevention and risk control activities associated with their work and formalized within the EHS management system. ADI expects its suppliers to adhere to the same environmental compliance standards ADI has set for itself.


We comply with applicable laws and regulations, including site specific regulations at our facilities located in protected areas. Our Wilmington facility is near protected wetlands, and operations there comply with all wetlands-related laws and regulations.

Biodiversity Conservation
The Philippines is known to be one of the countries with the highest diversity of ecosystems, species, and genetic resources. However, the biodiversity status of the country is being threatened due to climate change, environmental degradation, and pollution, among others. The country has launched different programs to address these challenges and our Philippines site is also committing to the cause by launching its very own Biodiversity Conservation program. ADI-Philippines aims to conserve and improve the variety of flora and fauna found inside the 14 hectare-campus, educate employees about environmental stewardship, and strengthen our commitment to environmental protection. The site envisions a greener campus where employees can roam around, appreciate nature, and be inspired to be better environmental stewards.

The ADI-Philippines campus launched its Biodiversity Conservation program last July with the goal of imparting awareness on the importance of biodiversity and its conservation. Check out the facts and figures of the program below:

22 species of birds found in the campus

Two long-tailed shrikes have been reported randomly swooping down on employees outside of the ADI-Philippines Building 1 lobby. It was discovered that a pair of these native birds built a nest on a palm tree close to the lobby. The behavior displayed by these birds is typical, especially when they are protecting their nest and their hatchlings. So to ensure that they won’t feel threatened, we diverted foot traffic away from the tree where they are nesting – a testament to our commitment to environmental protection, which includes minimizing our impact to the wildlife.

This species of birds is just one of the 22 that we have identified flying around the campus.

>100 native trees in the campus

Eighty species of native trees were planted over a stretch of 2 kilometers inside the campus. The trees that were planted are some of the most threatened species in the Philippines. We are proud to contribute to the preservation of these trees. The site is now home to over 100 native trees.

5400 trees adopted

The Adopt-A-Tree-Program started way back in 2012 and aims to encourage employees to plant trees in their backyards. To date, we have given away more than 5400 trees to our employees for them to care and nurture.

Some of our other programs on Biodiversity Conservation are below:

100 sea turtles released to the sea

ADI Philippines partnered with the local municipal government of Naic, Cavite for the protection and conservation of sea turtles (pawikan). Last February 23, 2018, the local government of Naic held its 7th Naic Pawikan Festival at Labac Beach. ADI volunteers together with the local municipal government released about 100 sea turtle hatchlings back to the sea.

2086 Trees planted outside the campus

The company supports the government’s goal of greening the country. When there’s a call for volunteers for tree-planting events, our employees do not shy away from raising their hands. Since 2010, 2086 trees have been planted by our volunteers in various areas around the province.