Employee Health and Safety

At ADI, we make employee health and safety a priority. Our manufacturing sites have EH&S committees or work groups which include representatives from different functional groups to ensure this commitment. ADI workers do not participate in occupational activities with high incidence or high risk of specific diseases, which has resulted in no known or reported incidents in this area. ADI's industrial hygiene surveillance program minimizes and prevents exposures in the workplace and reduces the risk of specific diseases. We use two industry standard metrics to assess injury performance and trends worldwide.

Incident rate: Number of reportable incidents per 100 employees working a full year
Lost workday case rate: Number of incidents requiring time away from work per 100 employees working a full year.

Our 2017 incident rate and lost workday rate have both slightly increased since 2015. Comparing our 2017 against our 2016 performance, however, showed a decline of 11% and 21% in incident rate and lost workday rate, respectively. Our overall safety performance has been historically better than industry average.


*2017 Data not available for US Semiconductor Industry and US Manufacturing Industry