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Robots As Job Creators? Upskilling, Cobots And AI May Prove Job Loss Doomsayers Wrong

ADI Marketing Manager, Connected Motion and Robotics, Nicola O’Byrne stresses how newer robotics applications can help create work.
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Carbon Nanotube 16-bit Microprocessor Takes Computing Beyond Silicon

ADI involved in MIT carbon nanotube breakthrough
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US Chip Company taps India’s Talent for Software, Systems Engineering

ADI President and CEO Vincent Roche explains a shift is taking place from the West to the East in semiconductor development. 
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What it takes to achieve automotive's “Vision Zero”

ADI VP Chris Jacobs explains how high-integrity sensor technologies help build the cognitive vehicles of the future. 
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Edge Computing Opportunities and Frustrations

ADI GM Tony Zarola explains the challenges of balancing quality and quantity of edge data.
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Real-Time Control, Safety, and Security: Technological Innovation in the Factory of Tomorrow

ADI GM Brendan O'Dowd explains the forces behind the fast pace of change in today's factories.
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 Bridging the physical and digital world for breakthrough innovation
Corporate News
June 26, 2019
National Instruments CEO Alex Davern (pictured center) accepts the Supplier of the Year Award from John Hassett, SVP Global Operations and Technology at Analog Devices.

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